Training Information

So Who Might You See?

Student Doctors

Student doctors (senior medical students who are not yet qualified doctors) are usually taught by observing GPs at work. They also gain experience by seeing patients themselves and then discussing the case with a GP who will also see the patient to ensure proper care. Any prescriptions or sick notes will be issued by the supervising GP.

Foundation Doctors

Foundation doctors or ‘Junior Doctors’ (who are qualified doctors) have also been training at CHC since August 2006.  As well as observing the GPs, they will see patients themselves either at the surgery or on home visits.  They are able to write prescriptions and sick notes, but are closely supervised by a GP.  They may go on to become hospital doctors or GPs after further specialist training.

GP Registrars

GP Registrars (qualified doctors near the end of their training to be a GP) work alongside the GPs at CHC.  They are supported by the GPs who supervise them, but are gaining experience practicing independently.  They are will be involved in all aspects of patient care.

Student Nurses

Student Nurses (pre-registration) and
District Nursing Students (qualified nurses who are training to be district nurses)
 work under the supervision of the district nurses.

Practice Nurse Students (qualified nurses who are training as practice nurses) work under the supervision of the practice nurses.

Who is Involved in Training?

All the regular doctors are involved in training and supervision to some extent, however:

Dr Mamman, Dr Marthi and Chris  all train GP Registrars.

Key Points

Doctors and nurses can only learn their jobs by working with patients and we are grateful when you allow them to be involved in your care.

If you are unsure about any practitioner’s level of training and experience, please ask – they will be happy to tell you.

Appointments with learners may take longer than those with fully trained practitioners. Please bear this in mind when you book.

Sometimes we may ask if we can video a consultation so that doctors can observe and improve their skills. There is no obligation to agree to this. We will only video consultations if you have signed a consent form beforehand and, if for any reason you change your mind after the consultation, we will wipe the tape. We will not video intimate examinations.

Videos are kept strictly confidential, and are normally viewed by the learner and their supervisor, although they may be seen by an external examiner (also a GP); they are destroyed at the end of the training period.

Staff Training

The Practice is closed on the second Tuesday of every month for internal staff training.